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Elper Marine Electrics

The question which comes up most often; How much?

The price varies greatly depending on the service offered - Websites come in all shapes and sizes, and there are virtually no clearly defined limits. So we've worked out a series of packages, which we've described as clearly as possible and priced...

Lite: This is a one-off deal - you get an online "visiting card" consisting of a logo, one picture (optional), a description of you or your company with contact details and a JavaScript encoded link to your (existing) email address. The site will be hosted by a (European) "free" provider (usually they will place an advert to pay for the service), referencing will consist of submission to Google and Yahoo, as well as one inbound link. Maintenance is not included, but server changes are, for a period of one year. The site may stay online for considerably longer - removing it is considered an update. Payment is one-off; you must supply the logo, picture and other required information. The price is only €228, and eventual updates (on demand) are €113.

Light+: A second one-off service, including all the above plus: W3C Validation of the page. An email address in your name (of your choice) with a means of worldwide access by web mail. POP and other features may be included when available. €248 plus €83 per update on demand.

Basic: Our cheapest maintained service. As both the above, but hosted on low cost servers which are advertising free. The email is increased to three independent addresses each with up to three aliases. SMTP, POP and Web mail access are provided, either using our servers or in association with a free provider such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. Also included is your own domain name. This is bought for you and will remain yours as long as continue to pay for it. If you cancel our service, the name remains yours and will be transferred to your new registrar by simple request (or left to expire). The choice of name is yours, but using common tld's only (.com, .net, .org and .eu) and is subject to availability. The web page we will create will be more elaborate, and may have several pictures, and in some cases a second page. Referencing will also be improved, with several incoming links provided and basic SEO with traffic statistics (aka hit counter) is included. Maintenance is included for a year, with up to two updates. €690 set-up plus €345 per year.

Standard: As Basic above, plus up to six pages, plus navigation (site-search and site-map), included options are a modern CSS template design, contact form, increased server performance (space up to 500Mb), increased referencing (including a submission to the Curlie directory following their stringent guidelines) and SEO to enable the site to be found easily. €690 set-up plus €248 per year (includes up to three updates).

Complete: As Standard above, up to ten pages, individual site design, improved traffic statistics reporting, dynamic link pages, and numerous other details. Includes as many updates as necessary, and more far server space than the previous offers. The setup fees are from €960 and the maintenance is €90 per month excluding the further options listed below.

Options (for Standard and Complete only)


Upgrades are usually free of additional charges - Fees are non-refundable once the work is commenced. Changes to DNS configuration, Picture editing including Flash sites, and maintenance of existing structures are simply billed at cost - All prices are in Euro's and are French VAT inclusive - Hourly rate is €89 net. Service is usually conducted by Email, but fax, telephone and letter may also be used depending on the complexity and urgency of the problem. Video conferencing services and face to face meetings are also available as required. We are based in the South of France.


Listing in the Curlie Directory cannot be guaranteed by it's very (human edited) nature - a good result depends on the quality of the site and of the suggestion, delays vary - suggest once properly and forget ;o)
A good listing in Google cannot be guaranteed either - it varies over time - tricks to obtain such a position by doubtful SEO tactics are often punishable by total exclusion, so best avoided.

Please contact Pierre directly for more information...

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